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Who the hell is Eric Michael?

The official line? Eric Michael is a new-media entrepreneur, a creative director, tastemaker, and titan. He’s the President of an eponymous consultancy group where he leverages his global influence and lends his voice and creative vision to build and grow entertainment, fashion, and luxury lifestyle brands — worldwide. He is also the Founder and CEO of his own hybrid media and luxury retail endeavor, 12Seven.

On some real sh*t: I am a creative; a maker and creator; a hacker and hustler. I connect with people to learn and share their stories (read: “messaging”). I collaborate with those around me — everyone, anyone — with the intent to build, refine, and grow ourselves and our professional endeavors. I build brands and websites. I clean them up. I make things appear and perform much more efficiently. I market things. (All the things.) I make them successful. I write. I take photos. And, I share things — including myself — publicly, as much as possible.

Officious, more elaborate biography coming soon. Maybe.

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