After spending all that time being interviewed, proof-reading, correcting, editing, and then deciding whether or not to post it… I’ve decided not to have someone else write my bio, this time. Instead, I’ll do it myself.

Now that you know where you’re are – and you’ve decided to stay, welcome!

Incase you haven’t figured it out, my name is Eric Michael Sales; I’m a Philadelphia-based new-media entrepreneur, editor, designer, and public relations consultant. I own and edit the new-media lifestyle site and own and curate the 12Seven Lifestyle brands.

It’s the first question I’m usually asked… so here it is: It all began in High School, where I majored in Graphic Design and had to successfully design a website in order to graduate. So I did. Once I graduated, I decided to use it.

I stared blogging as a way to release some steam; not knowing how inter-connected the blogging community is, I was really (really!) open. But, the space gave me a platform to share my experiences in life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. In 2012, I launched and transitioned my personal blog into a “digital headquarters” for my businesses, projects, and ventures. (In other words, I’ve learned where to draw the line.)

In the event that I’m not working on or the 12Seven Lifestyle brands, I’m probably working for one of my awesome private clients. (Or, working on the next project. There’s always something in-the-works.) For me, clients generally range in size, industry, and need but always have one common focus – a strong interest in (re)branding, business development, and / or creative and digital marketing strategy. I like companies that aren’t afraid to think outside the box.

So what’s next? (Come on, you want to know.) I’m currently remaining enthusiastically focused on my work within my growing client list and personal brands; I’m confident that 2015 will be a fabulous year. will re-launch in the autumn and will unveil it’s long-awaited digital community shortly thereafter.

Looking to get in touch? Shoot me an email.

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