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Spring Style Vibes



If you’re anything like me you’ve probably got your fashion priorities a little out of whack. I am – without a doubt – the type of person to drop $100 on an accessory (hello new Ray Ban shades) and then spend three days debating whether I really want that $30 button-up top. Ugh! The struggle is real.

Generally people dress for their day-to-day life; my life has no set rhythm. Some weeks I can find myself working out of my home office two… maybe three days in a row. Other weeks I’m out and about; bouncing from meeting-to-meeting all over the city. Even then, each meeting is about a different subject; in front of a different audience; cultivating a different mood. Dressing in a three piece suit leaves me for a fourteen hour day of back-to-back meetings is never a good (read: comfortable) decision. And, quite frankly — I need to be comfortable to do my job.

This season, I’m focusing on that. Comfort — and functionality. Meanwhile, I’m also growing up and finding my style is too. Somewhat. (I still have a deeper appreciation for jeans and t-shirts than I’ll ever have for formalwear.) Turns out, there’s a way to get the formal look while also balling on a budget:

If I had to guess, Primark opened their first stores in the Philadelphia {probably} about two years ago. I gave them some time to settle in before making a lap myself and, still, found myself very (very!) overwhelmed by the massive inventory. It wasn’t until two weeks ago that I mustered up the courage to give it another go and ended up with a tired arm draped in clothes. (There’s some good stuff in there.) Specifically, they’ve got some of the best fitting Chinos I’ve ever put on. And, they’re only $11.

Their {practically tailored} slim fit button ups are kind of awesome. They’re not made from heavy fabrics — which can be a blessing and a curse, as lighter fabrics wear out faster — but they hold up well. They’ve got the best “professional basics” I’ve ever seen at a fast fashion retailer.

One thing very few people know about me is that I’m an Aldo whore. Of the 25 pairs of shoes at inline the bottom of my bed, 20 of them are from their shop. (I’m a simple dude. No shame.) Usually, when looking for professional shoes, I turn to the legendary John Varvatos but Aldo’s sale shelves have been off the chain recently. I walked out of my most recent expedition with four pairs of shoes; one of them a splurge on the Craosa lace-up dress shoes. (At $120, they’re at the higher end of their price scale – but worth it. For sure.)

Spring also means it’s time for a new bag. Luckily, all I had to do was look up while scooping up those shoes. Aldo has reinvented my favorite bag for spring. I had the same style in black leather for the past year, but felt it’s time to switch it up. You like?

You’re probably wondering what a snapback is doing in a semi-profesh style guide. Right? But, hear me out: I’m obsessed! I love what a cap does to a business casual look; it takes the tone down another notch while simultaneously elevating the look – in the same way Chucks do. 12Seven snapbacks are my favorite because they’re lightweight and totally versatile; from skatepark to boardroom — you’re covered.

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