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Disconnect. For real.

Step away from the laptop.


Every fighter needs a minute to regroup.

We’re “in this” 24/7 — literally, and there are moments when it seems the chaos will never end. It can easily begin to feel like the tragedies that are plaguing the world are on your shoulders. That is just too heavy to bear, for anyone. It starts to feel like, almost like, every hour is its own crisis and every day has some sort of life-changing catastrophe; like it’ll never end. We’re constantly reminded, thanks to the cynicism and pessimism of the 24-hour news cycle, that lives are in danger and that provokes another reminder: How privileged we are to have the opportunity to do something about it.

Just look at these last few months. Natural disasters have shaken the south and our neighboring islands, causing blackouts and total losses in resources, while domestic terrorism has claimed the lives of more than 50 people and injuring hundreds more in Las Vegas, NV. All this and we’re still fighting to save our healthcare system, help the those who are rebuilding their communities, and petitioning for better gun control laws. And, the reality is, we are never (ever!) going to stop fighting. Because once these issues are resolved there are many more still to be tackled. We, as a generation, will never stop fighting for what is good and fair for all people — past our shining seas, and around the world.

In times like this it can be far too easy to lose sight and fail on our commitments to self-care. But the truth is that sometimes we need a break. We need to step away and “be.” Like, old school be: no phones; no laptops; no social media; allowing ourselves to find that balance again, so that we can keep going. This is not a street fight, this is a World War, and we need you in it.

Find a cause that speaks to you and pursue the success of its future as fearlessly as possible. And believe me, there are many causes that could use some attention. The people of Puerto Rico are fighting to save their communities, their possessions, and their lives. The victims of the Las Vegas masacre are also fighting for their lives and direly in-need of blood. But before you act re-center yourself.

Disconnect. Close your laptop. Silence your phone. (No peeking.) We’ll all be here when you get back, waiting to rejoin the fight.

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