Last week, a client (and really good friend) of mine had asked me to attend an charity event at the administrative offices of the Philadelphia Eagles that the production company she works for was affiliated with. Turns out, affiliated doesn’t even begin to describe the deeply rooted connection between that of Koi-Fly Productions and the nationally recognized charity organization Family Lives On. Their collaborative work was seen and heard in a short film documenting the organization’s long-standing philanthropic efforts helping children after the loss of a parent.

To say the collaborative film was a tear jerker is a massive understatement…

Since 1997, the inspiring team behind the Family Lives On Foundation have been delivering memories to children and young adults who’ve lost a parent. Initiated by Mary Murphy and her son Bryn, the idea of delivering memories steamed from their tradition of baking cookies every year for the holidays.

“With vision and courage,” the foundation’s website reads, “Mary realized that all children whose mothers had died could benefit from continuing the traditions and simple pleasures they once shared. She incorporated Mommy’s Light Lives On Fund® in October 1997 to help facilitate traditions for maternally grieving children, teens and their families. Mary died two and a half months later.

“In the fall of 2012, the organization successfully launched Daddy’s Light, officially expanding the Tradition Program to include children grieving the death of a father. To reflect the expanded mission, Mommy’s Light Lives On Fund officially rebranded as Family Lives On Foundation on March 1, 2013.”

Since then, the organization has restructured and re-worked their signature efforts launch the Tradition Program; with much success the Family Lives On Tradition Program is a nationally-recognized initiative. Through this, the organization strives to “continue to work to adopt new practices in the field of child bereavement and to change the social conversation about death and childhood grief.”

Tuesday night’s event was remarkable, and not just because I got to stand in an NFL locker room, but because of the this amazing organization’s efforts to change the lives of children — for the better. Thank you to Stacey Grant and Eric LaCasse (Koi-Fly Productions) and Kelly Becker (Family Lives On) for an amazing evening.

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