FOUR20 Say hello, to the new Creative Collective & Weekly Report!

Eric Michael introduces his latest endeavor, FOUR20 Creative Collective.

A few months back I shared an update by way of The Studio’s social media channels and blog that my team and I were hard at work on a number of Cannabiz projects, disrupting the space. At the time there were two. Now, there are five. And by the end of March there’ll be eight – if all goes well.

Just starting a few conversations – here and there – over the last few months has made way to larger conversations at the drawing board. The initial need was an industry-targeting campaign introducing myself – and my team – as consultants and proud advocates within the space, however, when all was said and done I saw a larger need and decided to fill it.

Enter: FOUR20 Creative Collective

FOUR20 is – you guessed it! – a coalition of creatives independently motivated but communially committed to the mission to build and empower cannapreneurial pursuit, one brand at a time. Like everything else I’m at the helm of, we’re mission-driven but results-focused. That means everything we do – every brand we build, every product we conceptualize, every marketing and promotional initiative we take on – is one that hits home for us; one we believe in; one we’re mutually invested in.

But, that’s not all we’re up to:

One of – if not the! – most frustrating things during my research of the Philadelphia cannabis community was the lack of aggregation of the information. Actually, there was a lack of information in general. I found myself scrolling through hundreds of timelines to see where the state of the industry was in Pennsylvania; what the needs were, where the focus was, and how and where people felt there needed to be change. Fact: There’s no single outlet (though there are only few in general) offering a collective voice on the industry happenings.

That’s where FOUR20 Report comes in. #FOUR20Report is a bi-weekly industry publication curated to feature national and hyper-local bite sized offerings from across the Cannabiz landscape. Releases will include breaking and popular culture headlines, product reviews, business announcements, and more – plus first-to-know offerings in the Philadelphia events and education scene. More coverage areas to come, soon.

I am super grateful to everyone has lent me their ear to hear the goals we’re seeking to conquer with the adaptation of The Report. It’s been an intense labor of love, consuming many of my late nights and long days, getting it off the ground. There’s a lot of anticipation and good vibes for what these regular updates will represent and what it’ll do to serve the community. And, specifically, I’m super stoked for the love and support that my friends at 420EDx have given me these last few months – and even more stoked to have them on board as our title sponsor for FOUR20 Report as we launch.

Personally, I have to say, if you would have told me – five years ago – that I would be here right now sharing this exciting news, working on these incredible projects, building these budding brands, and lending my voice and platform to reverse the stigma associated with the medical and recreational marijuana spaces I would have snapped back, “You’re crazy!”
It’s been awhile since I’ve felt the excitement that has been running through me over the course of developing these spin-off and off-chute endeavors. I’m really excited for the road ahead. Really excited to have a new, added focus and really proud of the fellow creatives that have joined me on this new and exciting chapter of my (read: our) career(s).


FOUR20 Report releases its first issue on March 11th. Make sure you’ve subscribed and be sure to forward / share the releases with your friends when you get them. If you’re an organization or event coordinator looking to partner or be featured in the newsletter, email the team and I here.

Our studio site, for FOUR20 Creative Collective, is currently under development – and probably will be for the better part of the next few months. All of our creative focus, energy, and juices are going to serving our awesome introductory roster of clientele. So, make sure you’re following us on Instagram and Facebook – that’s where we’ll be sharing the bulk of our news.

If you’re a fellow creative and looking to join the FOUR20 team. Complete this form and a representative will get back to you shortly to bridge a stronger connection and coordinate a digital or face-to-face interview.

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