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Am I A Vegan?

Definitely not.


Those who know me know that, for as much of a proponent as I am for change, I do not love trying new restaurants. I really want to be one of those people who’re always out and about at the swankiest new places, but – let’s be real – I grew up in the suburbs and survived on eating the same meal at the same restaurants for most of my life. I like knowing that when I order something it’s going to taste exactly how I like it.

So, you can understand my anxiety when a really good friend of mine — who’s known for her unique epicurean lifestyle — recommended we have our long-awaited lunch at a restaurant I had never been to before. V Street.

This friend of mine is Anita Iverson (she owns Philadelphia Juice Bar) and her diet consists of a primarily vegetarian meal plan and a random juice cleans every now and again. So, immediately, I Googled: It’s located in Rittenhouse. (That’s good.) It’s owned by the same people who own another delicious establishment. (Even better.) They have a bar. (Fine, I’m in.)

Naturally, I arrived early to scope out the scene; turns out, it’s not a vegetarian restaurant (as I had expected) – it’s vegan. And, I …I am not vegan. Far be it from me to label myself as anything relatively carnivorous (as I only eat chicken) but… I eat chicken. And, I love chicken. And, I eat animal byproducts (like bread, and eggs, and BREAD!) and that’s always been alright with me. This place? They’re not alright with that.

Once I realized that by staring at the menu in total fear wasn’t going to make the server magically find a chicken breast in the back of the refrigerator, I decided go with the safest option: Dan Dan Noodles. (I can do noodles, I can do noodles like nobody’s business.) These Dan Dan Noodles came with some sort of mushroom pairing; I opted out of that, but still it was the most delicious thing I think I could have chosen. The sauce was spicy, and delicious.

It would have been even more delicious with a grilled and lightly seasoned chicken breast placed atop the red’ish noodles.

The best decision I made though was the Iced Tea. (Pause, for reaction.) I know, I know… How good could iced tea be? But, this Iced Tea was really good; although I can’t remember the exact type of tea she said it was, it had a bit of a bite to it (something like a ginger, or a nutmeg) but still… so delicious. (Get it sweetened.)

The moral of the story? I’m definitely not vegan, but there’s hope for me enjoying a new restaurant every now and again. I wonder where I’ll go next…

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