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A Whole New Me

New Look. New Feel. New Me.


Today is a pretty exciting and awesome day, for me.

Last year, I decorated my website with a new look. It was clean. It was chic. It was perfect — at the time. It was also quick, and easy, and made me happy — at the time. But, as we all know: Happiness is fleeting and we’ve got to do our best to keep up. So, here we are.

Today is a pretty exciting and awesome day, because today I get to show off my brand new website. It’s cleaner. It’s chicer. And, it’s even more perfect than the last.

As my personal and professional lives continue to twist and turn, more than ever I feel the need to simplify my life. After all, “a website should reflect the real you.” (That’s what I tell clients.) So, perhaps by doing so — it’ll in turn help everything else to follow suit. Nevertheless, it’s time for me to take my own advice and walk the walk I’ve been talking.

So, here we are. I wanted a place where my work and play time could co-exist in a seamless way; combining the best of both worlds — digitally. Blogging is a huge part of my life, both past and present — and I really want to get back to where I was with sharing the day-to-day exploits of my life, of as much as possible. This is where everything started and it’s the thing I turn to when it feels like everything might be ending. Writing is the best form of therapy for me and I love sharing my day-to-day exploits. That’ll probably never change.

One of the things you probably first notice is the simplicity. Everything has been restructured to the tenth degree and I couldn’t be happier about that. There’s also a ton of new content that I am excited to begin sharing with you; starting with seasonal gift guides, Ask E! advice pieces, and much more.

Here’s to a new chapter… See you in a bit.

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