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You’ll Relate

Will I ever make it happen?


I cannot wait until November!

I don’t know about you but my life, on a scale of one-to-ten, is probably at about an eight on the “well managed” scale. For the most part my weeks are scheduled out two – maybe three – in advance and I have a “pretty solid” understanding on where I’ll be / what’s coming up in the near future (read: two-to-three months). What I’ve yet to grasp though is the implementation of new process in a “real time” way. It’s a struggle. For sure.

Case-in-point? Productivity.

From time to time, and not all that often, I stumble upon the need for change among my day-to-day operations; these instances usually plague the “once mundane” and (as I’ll never learn) become harder and harder to incorporate as life goes on. For instance, six months ago (or so), I had thought to myself: “Eric, you really should schedule out your social media consultancy work in a more efficient way.” Then I thought: “Nah, I’ll just keep winging it. It works!”

Welp, not any more.

Currently, the social media clients are peaking again and I’m knee-deep in guess work: Did I already post this? Is this even for this client? Wait, what time’s the best time for this client’s fan base? Should I break the news over Twitter of Instagram about this new product launch? Ugh!

Nearly done with “Operation Organize Your Digital Life” I have finally implemented scheduling documents, state of the art softwares to help out, and even set deadlines for myself (and told my clients about them so that I won’t bail). Sh*t is getting real. Like, really real.

Sadly, there’s no “trial and error” in this process. It’ll either work, or it won’t. That means, I now have to wait one full calendar month (ie, October) to see if everything pans out. And, if it doesn’t – well, bye-bye clients? (No, they love me. I think.)

The upside: If this works, and I really stick to my guns, this could completely revolutionize my productivity. Plus, I’ll have more awesome How I Did It content. The downside: If this fails, and I don’t stick to my guns, I’ll be penniless and broke come New Years.

Either way. Stay tuned.

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