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The Dandelion

The first stop on the Restaurant Bucket List!


Last week, I shared a personal goal I had been playing around with for a while. Over the next couple of months I’ll be exploring the local restaurant (and bar!) scene here in Philadelphia; setting out on an epicurean adventure all my own. In summary, all of the places on the list are places I’ve either never eaten at or never been to entirely. This should be fun.

The first stop on this so-called adventure was a small local hideaway that attracts a particular audience. The Dandelion (124 S. 18th Street) is the cutest little thing, inside and out. The outside (which I didn’t photograph, but luckily everyone else has) looks like something out of a picture book; a fairy tale backdrop in some quaint European town. Inside, the picture book pages turn with the entirety of the restaurant being exactly what it was intended to be: A cozy dining room.

I was sat on the third floor (featured photo), and couldn’t stop looking at all of the antique furnishings – and thinking about how truly difficult that decor would be to replicate as we move further-and-further into this new (read: minimalistic) design era.

The Food

Sadly, I didn’t stray too far from the norm this time. The starter was a pretty standard mixed greens salad with lettuce, spinach, and some other leaves. (Super awesome honey’ish glaze of a dressing. I could have eaten two of those and been just fine.) For the main meal, I ordered the Dandelion Turkey Club Sandwich made with garlic mayonnaise, nueske bacon, vineripe tomato, avocado, fried egg ($13.50). De-e-licious!

I have to say, if that meal was any inclination on meals to come: I am very excited. I do want to get back for dinner around happy hour one of these days as the crowd promises to be a good one. Suits and ties for days.

Keep up with future updates of my Restaurant Bucket List travels, here. And, read the original listing here. Got somewhere you want to see? Shoot me an email with recommendations!

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