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Class is in Session

This month has been one big learning experience, thanks to #TheStudio.


I think I can speak for all of us when I say January was a long ass month. I was so glad for it to be over.

Mostly in anticipation for some exciting things coming out of The Studio.

On the 6th, I joined Public Relations Student Society of America’s Temple University chapter for a quick Q-&-A with the members. We discussed the polyamorous marriage between branding and business and public relations. (You really can’t have one without the other.) The moderated (yet open-floor) Q-&-A format was new for me, but I genuinely (and regularly) question the value of old fashioned keynotes in “those kinds” of (read:casual)  community meetings.

Convergently, as I was saying, that same day I launched a new initiative out of The Studio: Courses.

Over the past few years invitations and requests, like the one from Temple, had been coming through and for one reason or another I was usually unable to accept the offer to collaborate. The fear was always, deep down, that the offers would not return again; so I’ve made it a goal for 2018 to do a little more educational collaborating. And that required getting a headstart on it.

One of the more frequent requests I get come from budding creative entrepreneurial hopefuls across the local — and other — “crowded” markets. It’s always humbling to be prompted for opinion as a thought leader within the space, although coffee with every single person is just far too often impossible; enter: Intro to Freelance.

My first self-guided, subscription-lead eCourse, “Intro to Freelance,” does its best to bridge the sometimes national gap between myself and the inquiring mind. The six-week, complementary (with subscription) course covers everything from defining independent creative entrepreneurship (read: freelance work) to helping the budding professional prioritize, protect, and propel their success.

Reading the direct responses from subscribers after releasing the eCourse has been an overwhelming yet deeply moving daily treat. It’s always a genuine surprise (to me) and humbling experience to know even one person would be interested in my opinion, let alone the more than 376 people that have subscribed (to date). There has been a lot of really great, definitely warranted, constructive feedback (of course) and a lot more demand for in-person coursework than I could have ever imagined.

If you’re reading this, “Thank you.” And, please know I see you; I hear you; I am working hard to bring that coursework to life for as many as I can across the national audience. Stay tuned.

Today, The Studio announced its second workshop initiative: 3DAY/$3K

Through it, I work closely with prospects to serve as a hands-on collaborator for a comprehensive, unique creative process: The three-day in-person, group-guided demonstration takes aim at brand positioning, campaign development, and overall messaging through intense audits and real-time remedies. You can learn more about it and request a session, here.

Interested in hosting an event or collaborating on an upcoming workshop? Shoot an email to The Studio and let’s chat.

Photos by Olivia Rotondo for Temple PRSSA

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