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Think About It

A Stream of Consciousness


Sometimes progress can camouflage itself to appear as failure. I think this happens only to test you; only for the Universe to see what your reaction is when your hard work doesn’t just manifest the success you thought it would. Do you break and quit? Or, do you keep going. Know that what you’re doing is for the common good.

Because, think about it, they’re the things and people that ultimately succeed: The things and people that contribute to that, the common good.

These last few weeks have changed me in more ways than any other period of my life, ever. And, for the few of those who know me (and keep up with my blog) – that’s a hell of a change. I’ve been forced to come to terms with realities I’ve been pushing back on for almost a decade. I’ve been forced to accept the kinetic indifferences that surround me on a day-to-day basis; no matter how physically removed I may be from the originating source. I’ve been forced to make peace with the fact that no one’s life is without the ebb and flow of positive and negative charges. Because, after all, this isn’t a board game or a virtual reality experience. This is real. This is reality.

This is the place where every action has an equal and opposite reaction, karma. This is the multi-billion player game that never freezes, it never pauses, and it definitely doesn’t have any secret “crack codes” hiding in a world wide web. It’s the heart-fluttering experience of knowing that you’ve “only got one life [left]” and a limited amount of mistakes you can make against the unknown limit of a ticking clock, and keep it. It’s the game where everyone is searching for an unrecognizable prize, happiness, among an ever-changing playing field; often times with little time to think. I often wonder if I would recognize the goal if I actually obtained it. Would any of us?

It seems at times that my player might be a little less human than other peoples’. (That doesn’t mean invincible or better, at all.) Perhaps it’s the result of that theory behind reincarnation or maybe it’s just the reality of it all. That parts of my life require me to be bionic. (And, even bionic things break.) Parts of all of our lives require all of us to be bionic in one way or another. Some of us need to work just a little bit harder to be better people, better partners, better parents, better industry and thought leaders. Embracing failure as and why it comes — to deliver lessons and steer us onto new journeys. And then again, some of us are just born with other inherently positive qualities and features. (And, bionic features are expensive to repair. Case in point: Therapy.)

Our lives are hectic, no doubt. Our commitments are demanding, and our responsibilities are overwhelming, both positively and negatively. It’s easy to get sucked up and into and entirely consumed by the whirlwind that life can be. How could you not when you know what we know: What we do brings us what we get, and that’s a hell of a motivator. (Right?) (But, I’ll stop speaking blogging for you.) It’s important – if not crucial – to remember that the chaos, however intense it may be, is just as beautiful as it is ugly. It’s just as rejuvenating as it is depleting. It’s just as motivating as it is daunting. I personally love it. I undeniably need it. I unapologetically live on it. We all do. The trick though is to remember that you are not in fact bionic; you’re not invincible or better than anyone else. You’re going to have just as many setbacks as you’ll have victories, if not more, but each will complement the other beautifully – if you remember to let them. And, the future is a beautiful place – if you think about it.

Til’ next time.

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