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Going with the Flow

Thoughts on the pursuit of happiness.


In November, I sat on the front porch of a friend’s house in Rittenhouse. I was bawling my eyes out; feeling completely defeated by the year that had just whipped past I screamed out, “Eventually! Eventually something has to change!” And, just like that it did.

The next weekend, I went to an event honoring a friend for their amazing philanthropic work and ran into just about everyone you could ever wish to run into… in this city anyway. It was actually very motivating and inspiring to be around those people, even though I don’t necessarily agree with all of their opinions and action. But, that’s neither here nor there. Instead, I want to discuss what that did for me.

It motivated me is what it did. It opened my eyes to a lot of people doing awesome things and a lot of people who really weren’t doing much of anything at all. It put into perspective and it inspired me to do something… something that for the last couple of weeks (at the time) felt necessary. I quit my job and went back into freelance work.

By January, I had only one goal: To go with the flow. And, for someone with a Type A obsessive personality who lives to think three… six… twelve months ahead? That was going to be no easy feat.

It’s been three months and some odd days (12? 13?) and I can’t shake the feeling that I made the best choice, breaking free. Clients are rolling in and rolling out; I’m coming to learn that the one’s who actually get it will stick, the others won’t. I’m motivated, inspired, and entertained every single day by what I do, and if that doesn’t spark some gratitude in you — I’ve got some bad news. Most of all, I’m happy, and I’m going with the flow.


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