10 Sacrifices that Lead to Success

Make like Frozen and let these things go.


“If only there were a rule book to follow on the road to success.”

There isn’t. In fact the road to success isn’t paved at all. It’s our responsibility to do that for those following in our footsteps. The only thing we can do is navigate the trial-and-error opportunities of life and pick ourselves up as we stumble. So, from one blossoming entrepreneur to another, here are ten things I think you should “Stop!” immediately:

Stop thinking you can’t change the world. Successful people see no limits; they certainly don’t allow their own method of thinking to limit themselves. There are enough obstacles out there.

Stop looking to different places for a fresh start. Successful people aren’t trying to escape their problems. They’re trying to identify them and get to the source of the pain; working through it and finding relief.

Stop wondering where your luck went. Successful people have no belief in luck. “Luck” is when preparation meets opportunity. It’s not the result of something being given to you; everything we’ve got – we’re 100% attracting ourselves.

Stop accepting and entertaining negative people. The truth is there are negative people in the world. The bigger truth is – regardless of affiliation – there’s no reason why they need to be a part of your life. We become who we surround ourselves with most of the time; we make this selection. Choose better.

Stop ignoring your consumerism. Successful people do less consuming and more creating. Cultivate your personal interests into revenue-generating projects. Spend as much time “doing” instead of watching others and wishing for your moment to come.

Stop being selfish. Successful people put their professional goals, vision, and family (inherited or created) before everything else. Giving back and serving others is the most rewarding thing in life.

Stop wasting your resources. Successful people know that money is the most easily identifiable resource; it’s easy to look at your bank account and see depletion. But, they also know time is their most valuable asset. Be careful where you’re spending both currencies.

Stop with the bullsh*t. Successful people know life is chock full of meaningless nonsense and there’ll be no shortage of it in the future — even when you stop feeding it to yourself. Do things less “for the sake of doing it” and more for the impact it’ll make.

Stop letting “failure” keep you stuck. Successful people don’t believe in luck and that means they don’t believe in failure either. (Opposites!) If luck is what we know it to be, failure can only be a lack of preparation meeting a progressive counterpart: Opportunity. Usually the collision provides two options and it’s your personal obligation to do what is best for you: Fix it — or move on. Choose wisely.

Stop wearing the mask. Successful people know that vulnerability is to what opportunity what trust is to love. Without it, doors will remain closed and you’ll lose sight of who you are and what your purpose is. Share your personal stories, your fears and your goals; you’ll find it resonates and people relate.

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